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Argument essay topics are a headache for some students. You need tips on how to generate creative topics for your essays. There are practical ideas here.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

In an argumentative essay, you need to make the readers know that your point of view is better than any other. Consequently, you have to pick a subject that you can passionately defend with factual evidence. If you do not have the experience with these tasks, there are high chances that you may not adequately handle the demands of the topic you opt for. Just like in the other essays, everything begins with a proper choice of topic.

Tips on Topic Selection Students Can Use

Topics for argumentative essay should be those that can generate discussion. Therefore, do not select a topic that sounds obvious and everyone is likely to agree. For example, a topic like, ‘the government should invest in the health sector,’ is obvious. No one would object to the government investing in the health sector since health issues can affect anyone. Debatable topics are those that prompt your audience to disagree with some of your points. In that case, you have the responsibility to persuade them to view your perspective. For instance, when you have a topic like ‘50% of the government revenue should be used to develop the education sector’, some individuals may see that amount to be either too high or too low. Therefore, you have to bring facts that make your stance on the argumentative essay topics for college valid.
You need to do a lot of research as well. Read books that handle your area of specialization adequately. As you read, you can identify the areas that you feel comfortable to write an essay on. It is always advisable to select easy argumentative essay topics since you are more likely to obtain content to complete your paper.
There are also other experts who have written on some controversial argumentative essay topics. When you read their articles, you can easily come up with a topic that you can do. Have a list of publications and the subjects they address. Use them as a stepping stone towards the preparation of your paper. Additionally, the topics should be unique. Therefore, do not just copy what you get. For example, the lists you get online should be a guide for you. Be careful as you select argumentative essay topics college.

A List of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

If you need argumentative essay topics for middle school or college, you have to be creative to come up with something original. Below is a list of topics that can offer great motivation to you:
Colleges are issuing students with too many assignments
The lessons that students attend should be reduced
Paternity leave period should be lengthened
School uniforms should be abolished
The government should ban cigarette smoking
Single-sex schools have better academic performance than mixed-gender schools
The cost of college should be reduced
Students are the ones responsible for their poor performance
Use these examples to create a good topic for your argumentative essay.

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